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Nejelnet is a noise negotiator, netscape navigator, maker and provider of audio items. Nejelnet is a difficult company, all about neatly putting together handmade and quality like music units, and exploring the internet beyond the limits of sanity. Here listed below are all releases made by Nejelnet. In the select dropdown menu named Nejelnet in top are links to Nejelnet social medias. (It is @nejelnet everywhere.)

Åbe - Any Color You Are
NR5 - 2018-01-23 - Poster single.

Åbe - In 24 Years When Only Trash Has Survived
NR4 - 2017-12-27 - 12" vinyl album.

Åbe - Bitcoin In My Caged Fist
NR3 - 2017-12-23 - CD single.

Åbe / YEAH! | Split \ 7"
NR2 - 2017-12-15 - 7" vinyl split single.

Åbe - Dealbreaker
NR1 - 2017-01-01 - Digital single.

This website is recycled, and doubles as a CV (Curriculum Vitae) for my person (Nejel), to flex my computer and career skills:

Den här bilden har jag gjort själv, i bakgrunden är mitt batteri som jag har skannat.> dator vana - Min framtids plan är att hyra ut el på internet, t.ex strömförsörjning till reklambanner